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Serenata poco a poquito

Serenata poco a poquito

In the memory of the old Mexican romance and the mariachi serenades, "Serenata Poco a Poquito" [Slow Serenate], is based on the painting by the Mexican painter, Jesus Helguera, who I greatly admire. I enjoyed doing this artwork while remembering my childhood, in the fields, among the mezcales. It was a very tenuous work in order to respect every detail on the people and the environment––details that are impossible to exclude from this piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


    I carefully crafted this hand-made artwork with metal, wood, and ink. The piece comes with a frame and hangers to arrange on any wall or table surface. I guarantee its uniqueness by including a Certificate of Authenticity. To clean it and protect its color and texture, use a soft fabric to gently remove any dust it may acquire through the time. 


    You may cancel your order and receive a full refund 48 hours after your order placement or before it is shipped.

    After the product has been shipped, you cannot cancel or return your order nor receive a refund.


    The art pieces are shipped in 7 - 14 days, depending on the shipping options selected.


    5  LIBRAS

  • SIZE

    23.5 X 19.5 INCHES


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